Waterstone Recovery provides New Zealand businesses with a cost effective, comprehensive suite of debt collection services to improve their cash flow.

We deliver results through persistent debtor contact and our ability to customise debt collection tactics to the situation of the debtor and the needs of our clients.

Our services include debt collection, managed debt litigation, credit and background checks, and default listings. Waterstone Recovery Limited is an Accredited Agent of Global Credit Solutions Pty Ltd (GCS) for New Zealand.

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Why do we get results?

We are thorough
We supplement the information that our clients provide with up to date contact information from online databases and we are good at finding debtors.

We act quickly
A demand letter is sent on the same or next day following referral and we call the debtor within 3-5 days of the letter being sent.

We are persistent
We make follow-up contacts by a range of means until we get a result.

We customise our activities to increase the likelihood of recovery
We don’t ignore “too hard” debts:

  • If the debtor is missing, we try to find them.
  • If a dispute is raised, we seek to resolve it.
  • If we believe legal action is appropriate, we work with our clients to identify and execute the most effective way to achieve recovery.