“Waterstone Recovery are thoroughly professional in all aspects of collections. In addition to their success with overdue balances, their regular communication back to us is noteworthy.”

Glenys Lindsay, Fliway Group

Demon Drinks
“Waterstone Recovery collects outstanding balances effectively from debtors while maintaining the customer relationship with us intact. Not to mention going the extra step further to obtain results compared to the ‘traditional’ process we have previously experienced when using other debt collection agencies.”

Cameron Rolland, Demon Drinks

Whitehead Group
“We find Waterstone Recovery swift, effective and hassle free. You give them an outstanding invoice and it just seems to happen. Payment into our account with no fuss.”

Max Whitehead, Whitehead Group

Porter Group
“Waterstone Recovery are experienced and cost effective at what they do. We are also proud to support another Kiwi owned business.”

Tony Ashdown, Porter Group